1. Kathy Myers

    This is timely advise and connects with Becca’s blog post re: characterization. I have a list of reminders taped to the wall next to my Write Spot (my temper foam adjustable bed) and on that list of reminders is “spend time with your antagonist.” Doing a scene from their point of view, discovering their motivations and nature, can drive the plot along. Other items on my list of reminders are:

    Embrace the process; don’t write to publish
    Take people you like and throw rocks at them.
    Transcend separateness; braid characters into plot
    Follow your characters around; give them free will.
    The point of each page is to lead to the next.
    Erase the author’s hands and feet. (Chekhov)
    …and my all time favorite; brevity is the soul of wit.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Love this, Kathy and love that you have your person Write Spot! I’ve never heard “erase the author’s hands and feet.” It’s a good one. We talked about braiding at Jumpstart, another great tool. So happy and excited that you are writing!

  2. heartmom

    That Chekhov quote just tickled me pink! It can be emotionally exhausting, poking around inside the head of another character ( especially one who you don’t like very much) but I doubt that there is any better way to create well rounded and/or believable characters.
    P.S. Now you have me searching my space for my own “Write Spot” Kathy 🙂

    1. mcullen Post author

      We can have little clusters of Write Spots. Kathy: You have the best ideas!

  3. Ke11y

    Hmmm…kill your mother on the first page!

    Meaning, if you love your character that much, do the dirty deed.

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