What is on your bucket list? Prompt #212

This seems to be the time of year to make lists. I am normally a list maker, but I get real serious about it starting mid-December. With all the “kids” coming home for the holidays, I mentally list where everyone will sleep. Then I gather blankets, quilts, comforters and pillows. Some unlucky family members have to sleep on the floor. Can’t be too bad, because they keep coming back.

Then there are the other lists: shopping (gifts, groceries), meals (breakfasts, dinners. . .I’m not used to cooking for nine), party planning (food, drinks, moving furniture), holiday cards (cards received, cards sent) . . . okay, probably too much information. But yes, I am that serious about making lists.

I’ve been thinking about bucket lists. You know . . . things you’ve always wanted to do and some day you will.

Bucket.1I’m wondering, what’s on your bucket list?

For fiction writers. . . what’s on your fictional characters’ bucket lists? You can use this as a way to get to know them better.

If you want, you can make an opposite type of list: Things you no longer want to do. Things you never wanted to do. Things you will never do again.

Helpful lists for strategizing your holidaze: “Rewrite Your Holiday Scene Prompt #210”.

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  1. James Seamarsh

    Better put writing my bucket list on my bucket list!

    1. mcullen Post author

      Yes, definitely . . . Keep writing. . . no matter what!

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