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What do these writers have in common?

Bella Andre, David Corbett and Jordan Rosenfeld have all been Writers Forum of Petaluma presenters. Scroll down for details.

The September 2014 issue of Writer’s Digest magazine is filled with practical, helpful and inspirational articles. Bella Andre is on the cover. Her story, “Romancing Big Publishers With E-book Success” might encourage you to go the indie route for publishing or try traditional. She also talks about why she uses a pen name.

Do you wonder about “pacing and tension?” Jessica Page Morrell has written an article that explains it in easy-to-understand format.

Donald Maass writes about “Building Microtension Into Every Scene” and makes it seem like an easy thing to do.

check mark.1  Writer’s Digest Contest #60 is one you can enter. “Write a short story of 750 words or fewer based on the prompt: A man opens his mailbox to find an envelope containing a set of instructions.” “You can be funny, poignant, witty, etc.; It is, after all, your story.”

To enter: Send your story using the online form at or via email to (entries must be pasted directly into the body of the email; attachments will not be opened).

DEADLINE: August 25, 2014

Bella.Writers Digest 8.14Note from Marlene:  I don’t receive any money from endorsing Writer’s Digest Magazine.  I just enjoy articles that are well-written, informative and inspiring for writers and this particular issue is jam-packed with good stuff.

Bella Andre has been a Writers Forum presenter twice. Other contributors in this issue who have also been Writers Forum presenters:  Jordan Rosenfeld (twice), and David Corbett.  Lots of talent in these pages, as well as at Writers Forum.

And be sure to check out the last page of Writer’s Digest, “Reject A Hit.”  Amy Maricinick, a Petaluma’s Jumpstart Sonoma county writers cleverly spoofed a rejection letter for Great Expectations in the March/April 2013.  Your name can be here, too.  Write your Reject a Hit spoof.

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