A time you felt different. Prompt #408

Prompt: Write about a time you felt different.

If you have time . . . write, using this prompt now. Or, think about a time you felt different. Pause. Take some time to remember,

“Diversity goes deep and is often handled on intellectual and political levels.” —Pat Schneider, Writing Alone and With Others.

Prompt: Generate a list of categories that make us different from one another.

Some ideas: Age – Gender – Socioeconomics – Background – Personality – Married or not – Have children or not – Parents alive or not – Lived/grew up with parents in the home – Vegetarian – Athletic – Bookworm – Seeker – Spiritual – Religious – Have tattoos – Have piercings – Hearing impaired – Race – Tall or short

Prompt:  Choose a diversity and write a dialogue between two or three people.

Prompt: Write about someone being hurt as a result of being different.


Write about a time you were hurt because of being different.

Write about a time you witnessed someone being hurt because of being different:  Write in the first person, as you were the person being hurt. Stay in the voice of the person who was being hurt.

Write about witnessing someone being hurt and no one helped, including yourself. A time you saw someone being harassed or treated rudely or meanly and you did mothing.

“I saw this and I did nothing.”

Prompt: Write about a time you felt different.

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