An idyllic afternoon . . . Prompt #588

Photo by Angeline Revitt

I have the good fortune of belonging to a Facebook Group called Hygge Life. A group that posts phenomenal photos and all positive comments.

Recently, someone posted photos of her inspirational garden in Essex Coast, UK, with this invitation:

“Hygge friends! Come take a little stroll with me to my favourite corner of the garden! We can sit a while and sip on our tea/coffee/tissane and gaze at the craziness of our raised veggie beds, the beginnings of the sweet pea pyramid, the formal and wild flowers and listen and watch as the busy white bottomed bees gather pollen! We can stay a while and chit chat about all things Hygge or . . . just listen, smell, and look at the wonder of Mother Nature. Come join me!”

Writing Prompt: Imagine being in this garden, sitting at the blue table, across from a friend. What would you chat about? Or, what would your fictional characters talk about?

Maybe you are alone in this luxurious spot. If you could take the time to sit by yourself, what would you contemplate?

Me? I’m imagining a new friend on the Essex Coast. We’ve just met and have so many things in common that we talk for hours. Lunch leads to afternoon tea which leads to an evening meal, watching the sun pass over her garden. I breathe in the luxurious scent of her garden and listen to the cadence of her voice, enjoying the lilt of her speech. A blissful afternoon.

Another writing prompt: If you had all the time in the world, what would you like to do?

Be bold! Be brave! Go deep with your writing. Be honest! Be authentic! Just like this Hygge Life FB post . . . be open to a Hygge daydreaming moment.

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Photo by Angeline Revitt
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