Angry? Too nice? Prompt #454

Congratulations on being here, taking time to do something for yourself.

Sometimes the writing prompts on The Write Spot Blog are serious, sometimes fun, and sometimes instrumental in learning something about writing and learning about ourselves.

You are always free to write whatever you want. The prompts are just ideas to get you started.

If you are writing and run out of things to say, either repeat the prompt, or write “what I really want to say.” And go from there.

When you read the prompt, write it down, and just start writing. Get rid of the editor that sits on your shoulder. Don’t think. Don’t overthink. Write whatever comes into your mind.

The writing prompts are meant to encourage you to write what you really want to write (no judgement on good or bad, nice or not nice content).

But what if what you really want to write isn’t very nice?

I say . . . go for it. You can burn your writing or delete whenever you want. No one ever needs to see it. You are writing this for yourself. Not to entertain others.

Is it okay to write about anger and being angry?

This is from my friend Lizzie, who is a hypnotherapist:

Anger is good because it’s energy IN MOTION.

Depression is stuck energy and we rarely take action. We become bound to “this is how it is.” 

Back to me: The opposite of being allowed our anger feelings . . . we’re taught to be nice.

So, yeah, write about your feelings . . . anger, being too nice, or the fine balance of “just right.”

From The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron:

“I got a lot of mileage out of being nice,” says Benjamin, a composer. “Whenever I felt angry, I ate to stuff my feelings. I never expressed how I really felt. Instead, I used comfort foods to console myself. When I began using a journal, I found I could calmly and maturely express my anger. I may not be quite as ‘nice’ anymore, but I am a hell of a lot thinner.”

Back to me: Anger is a spark that can be used as creative fuel. We can take our anger to the page and write our emotions. We write to tell ourselves the truth, and the truth may be that we are angry.

Prompt: Write about being angry. Write about being nice. Write whatever comes into your head. Just Write!

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