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By Grace by Arletta Dawdy

By Grace – Reviewed by Marlene Cullen

Extraordinary writing by Arletta Dawdy who must have done a ton of research for this entertaining story containing so much factual detail I feel as if I took this trip alongside heroine Grace Pelham.

Arletta tells a compelling story in the best story-teller tradition. I was mesmerized and couldn’t wait to find out what happens next. Arletta holds up her end of the author-reader bargain, taking me out of my world and into the world of Grace Pelham, filled with intriguing characters, gorgeous landscape, creativity and human scoundrels as well as kindness. Arletta brings these fully dimensional characters to life in her unique way. Her writing is absolutely exquisite and dazzling.

I’m not the only one who finds Arletta’s writing creative and delightful. From the back cover:

By Grace“A good book also has characters that intrigue and change and in the midst of the action we also learn something. . . I’m also drawn to titles that carry more than one meaning and By Grace does just that giving readers a fascinating woman who appreciates how grace affects our lives.” Jane Kirkpatrick, Where Lilacs Still Bloom

“Arletta writes with an elegant flourish. Her portrayal of a paddle wheel trip down the Hudson to New York City is mesmerizing. . . Dawdy’s research of the time and place is impeccable.” Velda Brotherton, Stone Heart’s Woman

 “Arletta Dawdy wrote this robust saga with a magical pen that will enthrall the reader.” Kent W. Sorensen, The Dark Horse of Shanghai

I look forward to reading Arletta’s next book, Rose of Sharon, third book in the Huachuca Trilogy.

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  1. mcullen Post author

    Review by Janet Pierce:

    I thoroughly enjoyed “By Grace.” I was intrigued with all the different characters, especially Grace’s artistic talent, caring heart and courageous spirit. Arletta has painted a vivid picture of every little detail and my imagination enjoyed the adventure!

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