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Change in Perspective

“Lucky Starr,” an Over the Top Stilt Character from Giddyup Productions

The following is excerpted from “A Collected Perspective” by Joanna Gaines, Fall 2023, Magnolia magazine.

“There have been times when I’ve felt a need to approach some things differently. When life has handed me new challenges to navigate, and my mind’s been a blank.

Maybe you’ve been in a similar place—where the way you’ve always done a thing is no longer working.

So,  I tried something new.

I started closing my eyes.

I’m more alive to the present moment, more aware of my blind spots, when I stretch my point of view. It’s like feeling the moment in total harmony, every new vantage point revealing more of the bigger story being told.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as physically shifting my point of view. I’ll take a few steps back. Walk to the other side of the room. Stand instead of sit.

It’s this kind of change in perspective that can lead to deeper understanding. Clarity. Growth.”

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