Containers . . . Prompt #237

ContainerSometimes writing prompts are a single word. Or a photo. Or both. You can alter the prompt to suit your mood. For example, today’s prompt could be container or containers. Or just look at the photo and write whatever comes up for you.

Today’s Prompt: Container


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  1. James Seamarsh

    People tell me my heart is huge. Then why does it overflow so quickly? I cannot hold all the suffering I see. So I give it away, to Grandfather, before I drown in compassion. It is not a matter of being a coward, or an ostrich, but rather my own survival. Maybe I am a coward, afraid to die of compassion. I quiet my heart by shielding it, and lose all feeling, becoming a cold shell, unable to communicate with loved ones.

    1. mcullen Post author

      In the Jumpstart writing workshops that I facilitate, we treat all work (writing) as fiction. This helps us keep our comments on the writing, so we can refrain from commenting something like, “Poor Dear, I’m sorry that happened to you.” And when we keep the comments on the writing, it can help the writer listen to the comments with some distance and objectivity. With that in mind, here are my comments. I LOVE this opening line. Draws me right in. I want to hear more. The second sentence is so unexpected. . . and like a bird following bread crumbs, I want more. “I cannot hold all the suffering I see.” Now, I’m in league with this narrator. I can relate. I understand. So, we have the opening lines, the build-up and the crescendo. . . like waves crashing against rocks, the spray/words rise and take control. Their power is masterful and that’s what I think about this writer. . . masterful! Thank you for posting.

  2. Copper Penny

    Boxes, cans, baskets
    All containers
    Skin, bone, cells
    All containers
    Brain, memories, heart
    All containers
    Laughter, anger, sorrow
    All containers
    Hate, violence, attitude
    All containers
    Church, School, Airplanes
    All containers
    Fur, fabric, feathers
    All containers
    Thoughts, stories, words
    All containers
    Ink pen, gel pen, crayon
    All containers
    Childhood, adulthood, death
    All containers
    Journals, books, papers
    All containers
    Cupboard, trunk, bag
    All containers.
    closet, drawer, box
    All containers
    cups for water
    buckets for dirt
    seeds for plants
    oceans for fish,
    skies for birds
    flowers for bees.
    Hospitals for birth and death
    Funerals for
    urns, coffins, guilt.
    Pockets for pennies, hands,
    and hidden treasures.
    Coffee pots, tea pots, bottles
    A myriad of containers
    for the soul, for the life
    for the individual
    Families, tribes, nations
    big and small . . .
    We got ’em all
    Containers containing contents.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Very cool, Copper Penny. Brilliant writing. Great concept. I especially love: . . . Wait! I can’t pick out one line or two or twenty. I love every line! Good work.

  3. karen53

    Copper Penny – Reading this was like listening to music …. it has a pulse, a rhythm. It also has the feeling of “nesting dolls” – every sentence fitting snuggly between those over and under it. This piece was a beautifully executed idea within an idea within an idea. Loved it!

    1. mcullen Post author

      Copper Penny, I agree with karen53. . fun and thought-full piece. Inspires me to think about these things.

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