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Guest Bloggers Wanted

irlThursdays are Guest Bloggers days on The Write Spot Blog. If you have tips about the craft or the business of writing, you could be a guest blogger. Email your idea to Marlene.

Perhaps you have tips about:

~How to find time to write

~ Ways to develop characters

~How to incorporate location in writing

~Writing Resources

~Helpful writing websites

~How to research

~How to write realistic action during a dialogue scene

Being a guest blogger is a great way to share what you know about writing. Think of it like writing an article for a writing magazine. What is your special writing tip?

BLOG HOP – Before participating as a Blog Hopper, I wondered what that meant. I could not picture it. Right now, I’m part of a St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop, organized by author and blogger Francis H. Powell. Here’s how it works:

Click on Blog Hop. You will be swiftly transported to a landing page that Francis created for this blog hop. Scroll down. Click on a blogger’s name and quicker than a leprechaun can tip his hat, you can explore the terrain of an entrepreneurial blogger.

Bloggers: Contact Marlene or Francis to join us in our next Blog Hop. It’s really easy! And a fun way to get to know other bloggers and writers.

March.Blog Hop

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  1. Ke11y

    Hi Marlene:

    What a wonderful addition to your blog, inviting bloggers to talk about the art of writing. I’m hoping someone might talk about the ‘point of view’ aspect:

    WHO is standing WHERE to VIEW the Scene?

    WHO speaks
    At WHAT DISTANCE from the action

    Thank you, Marlene, for all you offer here, and all the work you put into helping those of us who would like to be better writers.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Thank you, Kelly, for your humor.. . always making me smile! 🙂

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