I was so scared . . . Prompt #238

Today’s writing prompt . . . I was so scared.

I look forward to reading your writing on this one!

St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop, organized by author and blogger Francis H. Powell.

It’s still St. Paddy’s Day here in Northern California. We are partying tomorrow! But first, let’s check in with the other blog hoppers. Check out the St. Patrick’s Blog Hop. You will be swiftly transported to a landing page that Francis created for this blog hop. Scroll down. Click on a blogger’s name and quicker than a leprechaun can jump over that pot of gold, you can explore the gems in these blogs.

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  1. Ke11y

    She woke at midnight. He heard her moans, distant, coming closer. Could this be the day she will send him to hell, dripping in dark dreams? Four days out from Auckland, this first communion will be one of fearful apprehension. He draws down the linen and ropes the rudder as her endless rumblings come closer. She has risen from nothing, offering a sailor’s requiem. He licks at the salt on his lips, then bites into them preferring pain to fear. Pain, at least, is warm and concentrates the mind. What a phantom she is tonight, cursed storm. She hangs out there, but the sailor knows all her regalia. His work is done, he can but wait her arrival. Come, winds of darkness, visit the accursed. But the cathedral ocean swallows the sound, those sobs from hell. She passes ten miles to the west, afraid maybe, of the once snot-nosed kid who defiantly yelled his life into her face; now a lone sailor, fearing her music from on high. The blood on his lips tastes sweet; perhaps it is the taste of relief.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Wow, powerful writing. No simpering sissy here. I especially like, “. . . the day she will send him to hell, dripping in dark dreams?” and “first communion will be” and “licks at the salt . . . ” and “cathedral ocean.” Oh, I like all of it! And the last line. . . triple Wow!

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