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Dance Life

Dance Life by Lisa Alpine, reviewed by Mary Jo Rice.

Lisa Alpine’s Dance Life is a colorful page turner. Whether a seasoned traveler, dancer, or neither, you will be captivated by Lisa’s daring solo adventures around the globe and her freedom connecting with fascinating locals, especially those to share her passion for dance – anywhere, any hour, any form – atop a table, on a beach, under the full moon, or occasionally under the influence.

Lisa’s engrossing and enchanted tales transport me to an expansive potential within to invite the unknown and to welcome a broader scope of experience for the pure joy of living more freely and more fully. Love this book!

WARNING: Read at your own risk: Spinoff symptoms may develop including intense wanderlust and an overwhelming desire to sway, gyrate, and spend the rest of your life traveling and dancing!

Mary Jo Rice safeguards whales and dolphins in her work as Associate Director of the International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute.  A grassroots organizer for more than 30 years, she has assumed key roles in local campaigns for successful environmental candidates and green initiatives.  She led a major open space acquisition effort in Marin County, California, which won her the designation of “Environmental Hero” in Barry Spitz’s book Open Spaces. For her successful leadership roles in various environmental campaigns she received the Resource Conservation Award from the Sierra Club’s Marin Chapter.  When Mary Jo takes a break from environmental activism, you can find her with her husband exploring San Francisco Bay Area trails and beaches amid wildflowers and wildlife.  Her 2021 New Year’s resolution— to dance every day.

Dance Life reviewed by Marlene Cullen:

“Dance Life” by Lisa Alpine is unique, creative, and interesting, just like I imagine Lisa is. This enthralling book is a travelogue, an unpredictable tale of adventures, and part thriller.  Lisa’s planned itinerary turns into escapades, some funny and some dangerous, but always entertaining. I look forward to reading all of Lisa’s books.

As a teenager, Marlene Cullen, danced as often as she could. After her children were on their own, she harnessed her enthusiasm for writing and produced a series of anthologies. The Write Spot books are filled with entertaining vignettes and writing prompts. Every volume has a resource section, inspiring readers to become writers.

Marlene’s blog, The Write Spot, features writing prompts, places to submit writing, encouragement to write, and techniques to improve writing.

Marlene is the founder and producer of Writers Forum, literary Zoom events, where diverse presenters chat about the craft and business of writing.

Lisa Alpine will be one of the presenters at the February 10, 2021 Writers Forum Zoom chat.

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