Entering a cave . . . Prompt #502

For this writing prompt, we’ll go through a visualization first, then I’ll suggest the writing prompt.

Please remember: The prompts are only suggestions. Go with what is on your mind while you are writing.

Listen to what you really want to write about . . . what you really want to say. Honor that. That is how to do a freewrite . . . go with what is uppermost on your mind

The Visualization

As we go through this visualization, you can tap on your chest, just above the breast bone, with the tips of your fingers. This is a calming and centering activity.

As we go, take deep breaths, another calming technique.

Sit back in your chair. Get comfortable. Take a deep breath in. Hold for a moment. Release.

Imagine you are about to enter a cave. You see the opening to the cave and see the darkness ahead. You are apprehensive, but you know you need to go into the cave.

Stepping into the cave, you smell the dank air and feel the coldness of the cave. A few more steps in. It’s getting darker.

You are still a bit apprehensive but you are determined to see this through.

Up ahead you make out a shape.

Continue with tapping.

As you get closer, you realize . . . the shape is you. Like in a dream, you see yourself chained to rocks.

Take a deep breath in. Let it out.                   


Your heart tells you that when you get quiet you will hear what you need to hear.

Your Self that feels chained might talk about fear, anger, frustration, hope.

Take a deep breath in. Release. Continue tapping if you want.

Take a few minutes to check in and note how you are feeling right now.

The chains that were holding you have slipped away.

You are magically transported to outside the cave, where it’s a bright and sunny day.

Writing Prompt: What is the chained version of yourself telling you?

What does this version of yourself want you to know?

Just write whatever comes up for you.

This prompt is inspired from a writing class given by Lara Zielin, Author Your Life Now.

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