Entering a cave . . . Prompt #502

For this writing prompt, we’ll go through a visualization first, then I’ll suggest the writing prompt. Please remember: The prompts are only suggestions. Go with what is on your mind while you are writing. Listen to what you really want to write about . . . what you really want to say. Honor that. That is how to do a freewrite . . . go with what is uppermost on your mind The Visualization As we go through this visualization, you can tap on your chest, just above the breast bone, with the tips of your fingers. This is a calming and centering activity. As we go, take deep breaths, another calming technique. Sit back in your chair. Get comfortable. Take a deep breath in. Hold for a moment. Release. Imagine you are about to enter a cave. You see the opening to the cave and see the darkness ahead….

Guest Bloggers

Uneasy? You’re not alone.

Today’s Guest Blogger Lara Zielin:       I often have the feeling I’m in trouble.        It’s this pervasive unease, like I’m doing something wrong.       The problem is, I don’t know WHAT I’m doing wrong. Which means that if or when I get in trouble, it’s going to be a terrible surprise.        Because of this, I have my antennae up all day, scanning, looking, wondering what I could be doing that’s awful. I mind my P’s and Q’s and I try so hard to do everything right. I try to stay busy.       I try to be so, so good.        But some part of me knows it won’t be enough. Trouble is still a-comin’.        Which means by the time I get to the end of the day, there is this exhausted part of me that is BEYOND…

Guest Bloggers

Lara Zielin: The World Needs Your Stories

Today’s Guest Post spotlight shines on Lara Zielin. When I first read her post (below), my hand went to my chest. I recognized those feelings. I felt those feelings. Last summer I experienced a similar situation that Lara describes. The difference though, is that while giving my presentation, I knew I was “off” and I couldn’t get back “on.” I felt like a runaway train took off with me barely hanging onto the caboose. I so wanted to do a great job. Someone recommended me to this group as a presenter. I wanted to make her proud. At the end, I was afraid I embarrassed her and I certainly embarrassed myself. And when I read what happened to Lara, I took a deep breath. Lara wrote: Several years ago, a colleague and I gave a presentation to the board of a national museum. In the moment, the presentation felt amazing….