Explore Characters . . . Prompt #557

Create a character, or develop a character.

~ The character could be you . . . when you were younger, or looking ahead, you in the future.

~ Someone you know, dead or alive.

~ A fictional character you created.

Give your character a name: 

Younger Me.

Older Me.

Someone you know.

Your fictional character.

Woman in 1940s.

Man on a Mission.

Person in a foreign country.

Get up and walk around your space, looking at things, touching things, as if you were that character. Look through the eyes of the character you are writing about. Say, or think, the name of your character as you walk around.

Walk in your character’s shoes.

Spend 3-5 minutes on this.

When you return to your chair, respond to the prompt from your character’s point of view.

Use one of these prompts as a springboard to write about a character of your choice.

What did your character see that interested them?

What does your character want to know more about?

Write from your character’s point of view:

I think . . .

I suppose . . . I remember

Thank you to B. Lynn Goodwin for the inspiration for this prompt.

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