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Fiddleblack Journal might be right for you.

Fiddleblack journal might just be your cup of tea.

“Fiddleblack’s mission is a basic path toward the discovery (and sometimes rediscovery) of literary and speculative works that eloquently capture what it means to know the finite bounds of self and place. A long road of inspiration led to Fiddleblack’s founding, trailed through many unconnected sources, from Cormac McCarthy to Michel Houellebecq.”

Our role as a curator encourages us to accept diverse work, and to publish what sings, speaks, or stares as well as it possibly should. But we see our place in the world of small presses clearly: slipped off and secluded somewhere in the metaphorical sand. Fiddleblack is interested in works of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction that make purposeful commitments to figuring out whom one is meant to be, and how it is that one should exist in the space enclosed around him.

We have a thin tie in each of us to physical boundaries. That is, to this room or this yard or this town or this region. These ties can be severed at anytime—at which point, we’re floating. What comes next? Is one shuffled loose, left to connect again to another space? Is one somehow halved and made again?

With limitless potential, we believe it’s the duty of all our writers to explore their work with a strong sense of existence within these spatial bounds. We’re interested in this actual process, and less so where one eventually arrives. Attempts to answer these questions, whether focused on the human condition or a relatively speculative world, are all the better and likely to encapsulate an existential infinity.”

Fiddleblack accepts unsolicited submissions of fiction and creative nonfiction. The submissions we receive without solicitation are considered for our digital journal only.”


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