1. James Seamarsh

    His was a whisper, closer, the heat of his cheek burning into hers. “Why shouldn’t I,” she thought. “Forty-five is not old.” But her head echoed with another voice, “Hell is an eternity.” Still, she had waited, been patient, tried for 18 years in a marriage that was killing her.

    He touched her shoulder. Her heart pounded, lightened her head. She let herself soar. He pushed open the door, went in, tugged at her arm. She floated behind him, the choice made with the click of the latch.

    They were frantic, afraid, anxious. And then it was over.

    Her disappointment welled, and a blink sped her life down her cheek. His eyes searched, found. He was gentle this time, generous, until a thousand petals burst into blossom, exploding the chain her father had locked.

    She wept. He waited, held her. She melted into his arms. To live in this moment was everything. They slept. She woke. He was gone. Her heart ached. She smiled, knowing it would never happen again, knowing it was a lie.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Wow, Jim, more powerful writing from you, using well-chosen, well-placed words, telling a poignant story. So many great lines to chose from, I especially like, “the choice made with the click of the latch” and “a blink sped her life down her cheek.” Wonderful writing, thank you for sharing your writing.

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