1. mcullen Post author

    Summer by Marsha

    cold lemonade – the real kind
    that first jump in the pool – I go straight to the deep end and just plunge
    sunglasses – soooooo many colors of sunglasses
    reaching up to pick the ripe purple plum off the tree in our yard
    eating it while the juices run down my chin……..smiling
    lounging by the pool with Rolling Stone, People mag and a trashy novel
    swimming laps with my BFF
    naked toddlers giggling and splashing there
    that first bite into a sweet peach
    sleeping in
    shaving my legs with fruity fragranced cream
    the first outdoor shower of the summer, by the pool with swimsuit on, washing my hair outside with kids’ shampoo
    organic vinegar and salt kettle cooked chips
    skinnydipping at the river
    massaging my skin with cocoa butter
    seeing pretty girls and remembering when I was young
    thoroughly enjoying growing old
    catchy pop tunes rolling around in my head and off my lips
    I’ve enjoyed all these this summer.
    Most of them I did today.
    Saturday, 8/8/15

  2. mcullen Post author

    Gorgeous writing, Marsha. Fun memories. . . from the distant past and the near-past. Lovely! Thanks for sharing a summer day with us.

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