Fortunes I Did Not Get In Cookies

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Fortunes I Did Not Get In Cookies

By DSBriggs

A wise man marries a wiser woman.

You will get good news; and you will recognize it.

If you miss your bus, start walking.

A book returned is a friendship kept.

Get a dog, it will save you.

Blood is thicker than water but only Vampires should care.

Delight in today; for tomorrow is no guarantee.

Buy a car for its usefulness; not for its beauty.

The One that got away is not the One for You.

A blind man cannot see beyond his fingers.

Asking for help is a sign of strength but ignoring it can be a weakness.

A half full glass can be emptied and refilled.

A wise animal is better than a noisy friend.

Luck is knowing when to walk away.

Keep a pencil around for it never needs booting up.

And one I did get; if your table moves, move with it.

DSBriggs lives and writes in northern California. Her muse lately has been a roommate with soulful brown eyes, four long legs, and a very loud bark, Moose.

Donna has been fortunate to be published in Marlene Cullen’s The Write Spot Series including: Discoveries, Possibilities and Writing As A Path To Healing, available at your local bookseller. Also available in both print form and as ereaders at Amazon.

Writing with Marlene and the other Jumpstarters has been one of the most fortunate activities of my life.

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