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Freewrites. . . what do you call them?

When you are writing in a “freewrite” style of writing, using the types of prompts suggested in The Write Spot Blog, you can use your personal experiences for your writing. Or you can write about something that happened to someone else. Or you can write fiction. If you are writing fiction, respond to the prompt the way your fictional character would respond.

Freewrites are also referred to as free flow writing, free association, writing freely and I’m sure there are more descriptions for this type of writing.

Writing prompts are also referred to as: sparks, jumping-off points and, again, I’m sure there are more references to writing prompts.

bookphoto I’m curious and interested. . . what do you call this type of writing? And what other phrases do you use for writing prompts?

Whatever you call this form of writing and whatever sparks your imagination . . . Just write.


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  1. James Seamarsh

    I love to write without judgment, most often mine, but perceived as the judgment of others. Freewrites let me regurgitate the chatter, clearing the way for deeper feelings, real feelings, unprotected, open, free.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Yes, James. Exactly. You put into words the essence of freewrites. Thanks for posting.

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