Ghosts . . . Prompt #678

When you are writing and you have more time to write, but you feel ready to stop . . . try to keep going. Push the limits. Push past the urge to go no farther.

Writing Prompt: Play with the word and the concept of “ghost.”

Writing Prompts

Seeing a ghost.

Have you ever seen, or thought you saw, a ghost?

Ghost of a former self

Not a ghost of a chance

Ghost of a smile

Give up the ghost

Caspar, The Friendly Ghost

Relationship (past or present) as a ghost

Rituals as ghosts

Look in a mirror and “see a ghost” . . . see grandmother or grandfather

Ghost writing

Ghost town

Ghosting someone: to cut off all contact abruptly and without explanation, pretending that person doesn’t exist.

Writing Prompt: Ghost

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