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Guest Blogger Amanda McTigue talks about marketing your book

So, you’ve got your book written, or almost written, or you have an idea for a book, but you’re stuck dead in your tracks because you detest the marketing aspect of the book business

Amanda McTigue says, “No doubt about it: we writers love to write, hate to sell. How could it be otherwise? We’re the odd balls who’d rather spend vast quantities of time alone in our imaginations. And yet these days, we’re told not only must we craft (and sometimes publish) our works, but also find readers to read them: a daunting challenge compounded by our own dread. What’s a writer to do?”

Amanda shares resources on one of our least favorite challenges: marketing yourself and your book.

“The Psychology of Writer Promotion. How to Promote Yourself,” Chuck Wendig

“Book Marketing 101,” Jane Friedman

“Five Mistakes You’ll Make on the Way to Publishing Success,” Carmen Amato via Jane Friedman

71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book,” Kimberley Grabas

15 DIY Tools to Promote Your Book,” Writer’s Store

Amanda McTigueAuthor, playwright, stage director and storyteller, Amanda McTigue has also worked for decades as a creative marketing consultant for such clients as Walt Disney Entertainment, Paramount Entertainment and design firms such as Thinkwell and The Hettema Group in Los Angeles. Her novel, “Going to Solace,” was cited by public radio KRCB’s “Word by Word” as a Best Read of 2012. She also makes regular appearances at Petaluma’s “West Side Stories” and “Get Lit.” She’s busy completing short stories and a second novel. Click here for Amanda’s Resource page.

Amanda will be the March 19, 2015 Writers Forum presenter.

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