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Guest Blogger Ted A. Moreno – You Don’t Need Silence to Be Quiet

The following is from Ted A. Moreno’s 12/16/14 email, “You Don’t Need Silence to Be Quiet.”

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Ted writes:

Last night I sat in a filled auditorium and watched as my 9 year old daughter, along with scores of other elementary school kids, gave her first band performance. They played 5 notes.

When the curtain rose, she was right in my line of vision, wearing the white shirt and black pants her mom had picked up for her that afternoon. She sat with her clarinet, Taylor Swift hair, and sparkly eyes. She spotted me and returned my thumbs up sign with a huge grin.

And even though the auditorium was filled with hooting parents calling out their kids’ names, I felt a stillness within. It hadn’t been a really good day, too busy, but right then and there it got a whole lot better.

It wasn’t really all about pride for my daughter or happiness that my $22 a month clarinet rental was paying dividends. It went deeper than that.

I got quiet and present to my life.

This was my life: a wife, a 7 and a 9 year old, a home, music, business. It didn’t look like what a lot of other people have, but that didn’t matter. At that moment, it was perfect.

Call it grace, luck, an auspicious alignment of the stars, whatever you want. I just got out of my way and allowed some little bit of peace in.

You don’t need silence to be quiet inside, you just need to allow yourself the chance to connect with it. You see, it’s always there waiting for your attention. And what that is, is essentially, you.

Stop. Sit. Quiet. Give it to yourself because no one else will. Turn off the TV, put away the electronic gizmos, stop thinking. Listen, first outside, then inside. What’s the message waiting for you? In the sound of rain or the traffic or the barking dogs?

Even if you are in the middle of all the noise and hurry and haste, you can still be quiet. Breathe. Ask yourself, “What’s happening here?” Look and feel and get it. Step back from what is experienced and connect with the That which Experiences.

Even though it’s all moving all the time, the only constant is your awareness. It really is the only thing that is ever True. See for yourself.

Let me know how it’s going. I’d love to hear from you.

Ted A. Moreno, Success Performance Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist

Click here for Ted’s website.

From Marlene:  Ted’s hypnotherapy work is extremely effective and therapeutic. He listens carefully, offers helpful feedback and suggestions that aid in getting to the heart of the situation. He is extremely perceptive, kind and understanding. If you think hypnotherapy might work for you . . . Ted’s your guy.

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