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By Su Shafer

After all these years

She’s letting go

No more worrying

If she’s too fat

Or too old

Or what he’s thinking

Or feeling

Or if he’s alive or dead

No more waiting

For the rock to roll

The hope when it moved a little

But found a new dead end to be still

So she’s letting go

Dropping the over-packed luggage

She carried with both hands

For so long

Her arms feel like wings

As she walks in the sun

Her steps so light, she might take flight

On her way to the mailbox

She sees a golden jewel beetle

Resting on the sidewalk

A living gem that stuns her breathless

Spreading amber wings, it lifts effortlessly

Into the air and buzzes regally away

Sometimes messengers are more beautiful

Than you can imagine

She closes her eyes and takes

A deep, deep breath

Has the air ever been so fresh?

Su Shafer is a creative crafter, fabricating bits of writing in poetry and short stories, and other bits into characters that appear in paintings or sit on various bookshelves and coffee tables. She lives in a cottage on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, where the tea kettle is always whistling and the biscuits freshly baked.  One never knows who might stop by to share a rainy afternoon.

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