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Hollywood Holidays by D.D. Scott

Hollywood HolidaysHollywood Holidays by D. D. Scott is a delightful “take-me-away” story, transporting lucky readers to a world populated with interesting and likable characters. The story line is enjoyable and easy to read (making for comfortable reading) and on a deeper level, contains important messages covering issues of women’s self-esteem and men’s treatment of women.

This “easy to read with an important message format” isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. D.D. Scott successfully created a world in which the heroine, Harper Cantwell, moves from depending on her husband and his activities for self-worth to a woman in an emotionally abusive relationship, then to an assertive woman and finally to a wonderfully self-adjusted woman, comfortable in her skin and new-found freedom . . . freedom to be herself.  Hollywood Holidays should be required reading for engaged couples. . . good instructions how to create and cultivate a loving relationship.

Click here for a delightful romp through D. D. Scott-ville.

Dee Dee’s favorite writing related things:

Why Do I Write Romance:  There’s nothing that touches my heart and soul like two people who find a love that completes them

Favorite Part of Writing Process:  Creating snappy dialogue

Least Favorite Part of Writing Process:  Plotting…why can’t my characters just sit on a bench and talk for three hundred plus pages?

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