How do you want to be remembered? Prompt #124

Humorous or serious – what would you write for your epitaph?

Compose several brief epitaphs for yourself — the headlines you’d like to see on your headstone. Think of them as messages to future generations that convey how you want to be remembered. And then. . . write a story that explains why the epitaph is appropriate.

You could also write this for your fictional character.

Here are some ideas:

He Was Happiest When He Was Young. Strongest When He Was Old.

Family First, Last, and Always

I’d Rather Be Smelling the Roses (Than Lying Underneath Them)

Wish I Had It All to Do Over Again (So I Could Do It All the Same but Better)

Akeret.Family talesPrompt: Write your obituary, or your Life’s Tributes.  Share your writing here, on The Write Spot Blog.

From Family Tales, Family Wisdom —  How to gather the stories of a lifetime and share them with your family, by Dr. Robert U. Akeret with Daniel Klein

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  1. James Seamarsh

    How do I want to be remembered? “I” remembered? Such an ego, self-centered thing. I pass on my DNA, because it will contribute, or not, in the evolutionary process of survival, but be remembered? As in a remembrance? A memory?

    Memories are attachments to the past, to what has been. Do they serve those who remember? Why remember? Perhaps to learn lessons through transmission rather than experience. To learn faster, better, removed of your ego perspective, burdened with mine. Be careful of what you remember. It may not be the truth. It may be a distraction, a biased perspective, more valuable forgotten than remembered.

    But there are memories worth keeping, memories which are useful, perhaps even across time and space. How to decide which memories are valuable? Which memories to feed, encourage, pass on?

    I hope I am remembered, only so far as it might be useful, helpful, instructive to those that remember. If I have contributed no such remembrances, please forget about me, and let the bad memories die with me, the lessons learned, the search for truth advanced. Don’t remember me. Instead, make your own memories, and be willing to be forgotten.

    1. mcullen Post author

      I love how profound your thoughts are . . . in their straightforward, simplicity aspect . . . love your authenticity and genuineness. . . traits I admire.

  2. Kathy Myers

    I Just thought of one for your tombstone Marlene; DAMN THESE GOPHERS!

    I will not have a tombstone, but plan to have my ashes reside in an antique porcelain biscuit keeper on a shelf in the living room. I may include a note saying they can log on to Write Spot and scroll through my comments if they want to hear my “voice” again— such is the magic of writing.
    If I did have a tombstone I guess it might say: “LEAVE ‘EM LAUGHING”. or “SHE FINALLY STRAIGHTENED OUT” or “NO MORE ROCKS CHEAPSKATE, BRING FLOWERS”

    1. mcullen Post author

      Thanks for the chuckle, Kathy. I love how you can make me laugh!

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