Imagine you are . . . Prompt #180

Palm treeImagine you are on a tropical paradise vacation.

Sitting on the lanai, hearing the waves lap against the shore.

Smell the ocean breeze.

Feel the soft wind on your face.

See the light curtain billow in the gentle breeze.

Settle back in your rattan chair, cool refreshing drink nearby.

Hear the ice clink against the side of your glass as you sip your refreshing drink.

Hear the gentle wind chimes.

Breathe deeply, enjoying the fragrance of fresh, tropical flowers – the heady scent of orchids, plumeria, roses. Perhaps pink, climbing roses.

OrangesSee a piece of fruit. . . an orange. Feel the bumpy, heavy skin. Peel it. Feel the texture of the orange free of its heavy skin. See the uniform sections connected into a symmetrical arc of segments . . . .a globe. Carefully, slowly pull on one of the segments. So slowly that you see the burst of juice that squirts out. Inhale. Smell the refreshing fragrance that erupts as the orange is broken into segments.

Prompt: Write about a favorite time that involved family, friends or food.

Or: Write about a vacation.

Just Write!

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  1. mcullen Post author

    Happy by Marsha

    Snaking my arms, twirling my hands, dancing in the water
    Eating fresh organic peach slices outdoors
    Plunging into cold water on a hot day
    Skinnydipping with my besties
    Sitting under a tiny water fall
    Scrambling up the rocks of a wet cascade
    Just BEing with a tribe of loving souls
    Playing with the next two generations of free spirits
    Pushing a delighted little boy on a raft
    World music……beats
    Picnicking on my colorful red Goddess afghan
    Placing my hand on the window of a geodesic dome
    Plucking a huge leaf to make a hat for a little girl
    Dancing and dancing and dancing and dancing
    All of this today

  2. mcullen Post author

    Marsha, what a delightfully fun piece! You have covered all the sensory details: motion, taste, feeling, sound, sight. Great writing.

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