Inflatable Snowman, A True Story

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Inflatable Snowman, A True Story

By Su Shafer

Across the street, the inflatable snowman is down

laying on its side in the dirt by the porch

its head still turning back and forth

back and forth, back and forth

looking from the cold black ground

to the heavy belly of the leaden sky.

It’s still smiling, but the smile seems 

tentatively directed right at me

silently saying

“Hello?! No arms, no legs — 

I’m not getting myself back on that porch!”

and wondering why 

I’m just standing here 

Staring at it laying there 

half deflated and helpless

It starts to snow, 

the only sound is

the little motor in its head

whirring, worrying 

how bad is it going to get

down here on the ground?

Still smiling but desperate now.

Why does she just stand there?

She could lift me up

she could knock on the door 

and let them know

It’s Christmas, for Christ’s sake!

Who is going to save the snowman

from the snow?

Su Shafer is a creative crafter, fabricating bits of writing in poetry and short stories, and other bits into characters that appear in paintings or sit on various bookshelves and coffee tables.

She lives in a cottage on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, where the tea kettle is always whistling and the biscuits freshly baked. One never knows who might stop by to share a rainy afternoon. And all are welcome.

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