Listcicles . . . Prompt #762

Thank you, Deb Fenwick, for introducing the word and concept, Listcicles, to me. .

Make a list of things that you did for the first time, or the last time you did this thing.

Use one of those responses for your freewrite, or write a listcicle.

“Listicles (also known as “list posts”) are articles that are written in a list-based format. The most common form of listicle is a short list of 10-20 items that are based on a specific theme. However, modern listicles are often enhanced with additional information around each item to make them more useful.” Wikipedia

Make a list and just write!

The first time I . . .

Or, the last time I . . .

Played hopscotch

Watched my mother put on make-up

Decorated a Christmas tree

Stayed up late for New Year’s Eve

Cleaned house


Read Wizard of Oz

Read Nancy Drew

Read “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Had a fight with a friend

Had a fight with a sibling

Went camping

Spend the night away from home

Chewed gum

Bought a student body card


Changed a lightbulb

Typed on a typewriter

Used a computer

Rode a bicycle

Roller skated

Played Monopoly

Played cards

Wrote a thank you note

Sang in public

Performed on stage

Balanced a checkbook


Ran away from home

Stood your ground

Climbed a ladder

Dug in the dirt

Planted a seed

Lit a candle

Just Write!

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