Magic Carpet Ride . . . Prompt #283

Lolita.miniGuest Blogger Becca Lawton’s post “Write As If You Were Dying” got me to thinking about how we spend our days. Most of our days are filled with things we have to do, accomplishing what needs to get done to pay bills, buy food, do the laundry, chores, clean whatever needs cleaning, and so on.

What if, one day next week you could do anything you want. What would it be?

This is different from  Prompt #164, “Write About A Perfect Day” where money and restrictions are not a factor.

For this writing, be realistic, what could you do in a day that would be fun and something you could afford?

This might be challenging for you . . . all the more reason to make the effort to sit down and Just Write.

Okay, so what if that type of writing sounds like no fun at all and you might have to research if places are open, what the cost is, etc.

What if you want to go on a flight of fantasy and write about it?  What if you had a magic carpet that could take you anywhere?

Write about an ideal day where money and time constraints don’t matter.  You can do anything and everything you want. Distance and time do not matter. This is your Magical Day. What would you do?

Whether writing about something you can realistically do or something that is total fantasy:  Write about your ideal day from beginning to end.

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  1. Ke11y

    Come then, travel with me, I dare you. Of course, you, being the reader, can choose what to believe as we go; be entertained, or determine that boredom has overtaken you, and cease reading at one full stop or another. I don’t have the luxury of being able to do either. I’m committed to the journey. If you join me, if you do have that kind of courage, I’ll take you into the depths of graves, mingle with bones, sift through the dust, looking for yet another story.

    Seriously, are you willing? Make your choice by the next comma; before Saturn, on my way toward Neptune, dreaming of twilight in this dark cavity I call my imagination. You readers intimidated by enchanted visions, trip lightly through every sentence that dares to plunge you into the mystery of future callings. Beware the ambiguities that curdle with religion, with family, with the native land, and this cloud of a page from which I fall daily. Yes, it’s true. On a tear, carried across boundaries no spacecraft has ever endured, to places where sunshine and rain are but words in an abandoned library. Pleasure and pain, you should know, will be no more than velvet memories. So, it seems you’re willing. I feel your eyes on my words. The Lunar electricity of your enjoyment. Thank you.

    You are my only companion, dear reader. So, let us drift farther still. I’ll take you to mermaids under waves of pearl, far below the clamoring of birds, tossed and turned and made love to on a thousand shorelines. We will live a couple of paragraphs in the wrecks of ships, sailors lungs sodden with water, mindless of hurricanes, peaceful among the tranquil, prehistoric lives of ocean herds. Exiled in bottomless, journeying nights and shrouded in the violet fog of words. Here, now, climb on the seahorse’s back, and let’s explore this archipelago of dreams. Such is the bravery of a child’s imagination. Such is the journey I wish to make with you every day of my life.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Deep. Profound. Unusual. My favorite lines: First sentence and last three sentences. Okay, and many sentences in-between. I enjoy traveling with you as you unspool enchanting imaginations, violet visions and ocean dreams.

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