Book Reviews

Mercy Goodhue by Elizabeth Kern

KernElizabeth Kern has done a fabulous job in creating the world of Mercy Goodhue and the details of life in New England in the mid-1600’s. Elizabeth’s outstanding talent as a storyteller make Mercy Goodhue a wonderful reading treat.

Elizabeth’s skillful writing as well as her historical writing ability is so perfect that it feels like this is a true story.

Her expertise in handling intricate subject matters could be illustrated lessons on how to write controversial and challenging situations. Elizabeth has an admirable ability to write tension-building scenes with care and finesse. This adds to the delicate nature of how to bring fictional characters to life on the page.

Elizabeth could teach a class on how to write difficult scenes. I admire how she builds tension, then swiftly continues with action and dialogue, moving the reader along with the protagonist on her journey.

Elizabeth’s deft handling of this sensitive and tender story kept me reading way past my bedtime.

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