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New England Review

The March/April 2016 issue of Writer’s Digest Magazine is bursting with excellent information for writers. For example: Details about submitting to New England Review.

TypewritersNew England Review: “Offers readers poems, stories and essays that are formally inventive and traditional.”

There is a $2 fee for poetry submissions and $3 fee for prose.

About NER: “By publishing new fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that is both challenging and inviting, New England Review encourages artistic exchange and thought-provoking innovation, providing publishing opportunities for writers at all stages in their careers. ”

Payment: Payment for work published in the journal is $20 per page (with thanks to a grant from the NEA), $100 for cover art, plus two copies of the issue in which the work appears and a one-year subscription.

For online publication in NER Digital, payment is $50 and a one-year subscription to the print magazine.

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  1. Kathy Myers

    If any Write Spotters (is that what we’re called?) have a flash fiction piece (1000 words or less) ready to go, check out Everyday Fiction. They’ve been on hiatus for some months fine tuning their submission process, but are now looking to get enough stories for their daily email publication. Their readers provide good feedback/ constructive criticism whether you are accepted or not. They accept literary, fantasy,scifi, humor etc. (all in good taste or course) and they like stories that at least hint of a complete tale. Having the hard word limit requires careful consideration of each word; a good exercise for writers. It encourages finding better verbs and cutting every “very” and “just.”

    1. mcullen Post author

      Good information. Thanks for posting, Kathy. Everyday Fiction sounds like a good place for Write Spotters to submit! 🙂

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