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Guest Blogger Nancy Julien Kopp wrote about choosing a path and exploring your choice. It seems like a perfect writing prompt for the start of a new year. Nancy wrote on her blog: Life is full of choices. I think often of Robert Frost’s poem that tells us of two roads diverging in a yellow wood, and the poet said he took the one less traveled by. But don’t we always wonder if this choice would be better than that choice or another one?   For a writing exercise today, look at the four photos. Each of them is somewhere you can walk. Two have water while the others are filled with green trees. What is your choice? Where would you prefer to walk? A, B, C or D?  Choose one and write a paragraph or several paragraphs about the photo you liked best. Study the photo and ask yourself a…


The Lotus Flower Miracle . . . Prompt #548

Before diving into writing, I’m inviting you to sit back, and relax. Take a deep in.  Exhale fully. Another deep breath. And exhale. Take some deep nourishing breaths as you read this prompt. Notice where there is tension in your body. Put your hand there, if you can. Or, put your thoughts there. Easily and comfortably think about what could be causing that discomfort. If you are not experiencing any discomfort, notice what you are thinking about. Going over, in your mind, the past few days, have you had a troubling conversation or a difficult interaction? For now, just notice these things. Set them aside, or make a quick list of these things. Staying as relaxed as you can in your body, read the first part of the prompt, which is inspired by Viktor Frankl. You have probably heard of him or you might be very familiar with him. He…


Inescapable longing. Prompt #546

Quotes from The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. “You don’t grow up missing what you never had, but throughout life there is hovering over you an inescapable longing for something you never had.”  — Susan Sontag “As a child, you generally aren’t aware that your family is different from any other. You have no frame of reference.”   — Anderson Cooper Writing Prompts: Can you miss what you don’t know? Can you miss what you didn’t have? What, or who, do you miss? Write about an inescapable longing.