Reality’s Ruse

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Reality’s Ruse 

By  Mary O’Brien  

Summer shakes Winter’s hand,
proposing a fling.
Autumn’s wind scurries them
both away –
not a fan of farce.

Martinis at three,
come by and get me.
Loose lips sink ships:
my mouth full of
sharp torpedoes.

My reality is often
a ruse, driven to other
worlds on printed pages,
between covers
in greedy hands.

I left my scarf in
that dream –
the one with the pulled
thread I
tied round your finger.

We never made it to New York.
That was your ruse
to keep me interested
long enough to marry
in Vegas.

“Reality’s Ruse” inspired by Just For Fun . . . Prompt #672 on The Write Spot Blog,

Mary O’Brien is a Retired Trophy Wife (RTW) from the Pacific Northwest. She has volunteered for the Court Appointed Special Advocate program, founded local therapeutic hospital humor programs, and supported various other non-profits and do-goodery. 

Enjoying the artistry of music, the music of words, the words of healing, and the healing of art, Mary is spending her pandemic hibernation immersing herself in art journaling, watercolor and writing. 

She lives in Idaho with her tolerant husband near her comedic grandchildren, and is managed by an elderly, sugared golden retriever (send treats). 

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