Just Write

See your story and tell it.

Tips to writing deeply and comfortably.

Stretch – either standing or sitting in a chair. Do whatever whatever stretching feels good to you.

Sit easily in a comfortable chair.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhale out through your mouth, like you are blowing out a candle.

Take several deep breaths and whoosh out on the exhalations.

Relax into your chair.  Smile.  Escort your inner critic out the door.

Shed your ideas about what perfect writing means.

Give yourself permission to write the worst stuff possible.

Writing isn’t about talent, it’s about practice and going into another dimension.

Creative writing is an act of discovery.

Take another deep breath. Relax into your breathing. Exhale with a satisfying sigh.

Rather than write for an audience, write from an instinctual level.

Immerse yourself in writing. Let go of your worries and write. Just write to a satisfying inner desire to go to a meaningful place.

Go deeper into the recesses of your mind and really write.

Write from the well that stores the fears. Let the tears come. Let the stomach tie up in knots.

It’s okay to write the story that is difficult to tell.

Get through the barriers to go to a deeper level.

See your story and tell it.

When you are writing, if you run out of things to say, write “I remember. . .” and see where that takes you.

Or write, “What I really want to say . . .”

You can use the prompts on this blog to jumpstart your writing.

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