Simple Joy

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Simple Joy

By DSBriggs

Joy is . . .


Hearing a tail thump when I walk in the room.

Watching my dog at the dog park as he smiles

and checks in before running off again.


Talking to my sister after a long period of silence.

Being with my niece and her family.


Today, joy was sitting with a close friend, talking about family recipes,

remembering how thankful I am for our friendship.


Shared laughter is joyous.


Some days joy is being outside on a good weather day.

You know, warm but not too warm or cold but not too cold.

The “why we live in California “ type day.


Joy, is seeing a tree in a different way and the interaction of sunlight and leaves.

Joy is watching the mad dash of squirrels racing around an oak tree.

Joy is watching puppies, kittens and goats  play.


Joy is watching toddlers exploring their world.

It’s also seeing the family enjoying time together.


Joy is a handwritten card or letter from a friend.

It’s finishing the last stitch successfully and finally!


Joy is a clutter-free kitchen table and a newly mopped floor.

Joy is finding my lost earring or re-finding a good book or picture.


Joy is a pain-free walk.

Greater joy is seeing or being in the mountains. 


Joy is quiet calmness with a good cup of tea.

Donna Briggs writes under the name DSBriggs. Donna and Moose, live in Northern California. Retired from teaching children with visual impairments, she still loves learning and word play. Her desire is to travel, finally finish some quilting projects, and reduce her to-be-read pile of books.

DSBriggs has participated in Jumpstart for a number of years. She feels fortunate to have her work appear in Marlene Cullen’s Write Spot anthologies, available from your local bookseller and from Amazon (print and ebook).

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