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The Story of Sweatpants & Coffee

The idea for Sweatpants & Coffee was born, as many great ideas are born, during a time of personal reflection and solitude. That is to say, while its founder was taking a hot shower. The concept of a site that would celebrate all things comfort-related, one that would help people to feel good about themselves, was immensely appealing to Nanea Hoffman. With dripping hair, she bought a domain name and sketched out a plan. Nanea spends a lot of time in sweatpants, drinking coffee, so this was inevitable. Sweatpants & Coffee is a place where you can kick back, enjoy yourself, and be comfortable. Because when you are your most comfortable self, you can do anything.

Sweatpants & CoffeeNote from Marlene: Sweatpants & Coffee is an amazing website. . . poetry corner, flash fiction, inspiration, interviews, all kinds of good stuff. So grab a cuppa and join in the fun.



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