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Get past ego to connect

“I think American society alienates us from ourselves, and we have a great need to reconnect. Human beings yearn to connect and to tell our stories before we die. Sometimes we want to write, but when we get down to it, there’s resistance, because the ego gets scared.” — Natalie Goldberg in an interview with Genie Zeiger, “Keep The Hand Moving,” The Sun November 2003. Ideas on how to get past ego and Just Write The Inner Critic Tar Pit of Doom and Despair Is “Go Big or Go Home” Right for You? Rachel Macy Stafford: Live Love Now #amwriting #creativewriting #justwrite #freewrites

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Uneasy? You’re not alone.

Today’s Guest Blogger Lara Zielin:       I often have the feeling I’m in trouble.        It’s this pervasive unease, like I’m doing something wrong.       The problem is, I don’t know WHAT I’m doing wrong. Which means that if or when I get in trouble, it’s going to be a terrible surprise.        Because of this, I have my antennae up all day, scanning, looking, wondering what I could be doing that’s awful. I mind my P’s and Q’s and I try so hard to do everything right. I try to stay busy.       I try to be so, so good.        But some part of me knows it won’t be enough. Trouble is still a-comin’.        Which means by the time I get to the end of the day, there is this exhausted part of me that is BEYOND…

Guest Bloggers

Rachel Macy Stafford: Live Love Now

I recently started following Rachel Macy Stafford’s blog, “Hands Free Mama.”   If you are looking for wise words about life, I recommend “Hands Free Mama.” An excerpt from Rachel’s February 29 blog post: I can’t quite forget the publisher’s words: “We love the concept of the book, but the title needs work.” The title that encompassed the message of hope contained inside the book was rejected. Rejected. It is a harsh word, but it is the truth.  Suddenly, it comes to me; I will take the most powerful word of my rejected three-word title and I will write it on every blank slate in front of me.   Through tears of determination, I see a pattern:   Write your fears on green notes.  Write your triumphs on pink slips. Write your rejections on blank slates.  Put the notes in a jar. The question I asked young people at the end of my classroom…