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Rachel Macy Stafford: Live Love Now

Rachel Macy Stafford, Author of Hands Free Mama

I recently started following Rachel Macy Stafford’s blog, “Hands Free Mama.”  

If you are looking for wise words about life, I recommend “Hands Free Mama.”

An excerpt from Rachel’s February 29 blog post:

I can’t quite forget the publisher’s words: “We love the concept of the book, but the title needs work.”

The title that encompassed the message of hope contained inside the book was rejected. Rejected. It is a harsh word, but it is the truth. 

Suddenly, it comes to me; I will take the most powerful word of my rejected three-word title and I will write it on every blank slate in front of me.  

Through tears of determination, I see a pattern:  

Write your fears on green notes. 
Write your triumphs on pink slips.
Write your rejections on blank slates. 

Put the notes in a jar.

The question I asked young people at the end of my classroom talk as I passed out blank index cards:

If you could give the world one message, what would it be? 

I wasn’t expecting all the kids to participate, but they did.

It was as if they were just waiting for someone to ask. 

“We are all just waiting for someone to notice—notice our pain… notice our fears… notice our hopes… notice our dreams . . .”

And when we see what is written, we see ourselves in a new, accepting, comforting light. 

Thank God, we’re a mess, because that is what connects us and catapults us, so we can carry on. 

Inspiration for Rachel’s book, Live Love Now:

The index cards I collected over the years were the inspiration for my forthcoming book LIVE LOVE NOW. I put them into categories based on the students’ fears, worries, needs, hopes, and dreams. Those became my chapters, and they contain universal stressors we are all experiencing living in our modern world . . . but there is hope. I felt that hope so strongly while sitting in a tiny recording booth creating the audio for this book. The producer spoke encouragingly into my headset indicating that ALL of me was welcome to show up to deliver this critical message. He said things like . . . “beautiful emotion, keep going” . . . “you’ve drawn me in, Rachel” . . . “your waters run deep” . . . “this is going to be an incredibly rewarding experience for the listener.”

I have never been so excited to share something I’ve created with you.

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Rachel Macy Stafford, Author of Hands Free Mama Writes:

Hello. I’m Rachel. To know me is to know my personal list of what really matters . . .

*My daughters matter. My older daughter is 13. She is my brown-eyed girl with an enormous heart. I learned what matters in life by watching her walk right up to the suffering and extend her hand. “Because when you have the important things in life—like love, faith, and family—there is nothing you own that you can’t give away.”

* My younger daughter is 10. She is my Noticer. She remembers where I parked the car and often leads me by the hand to the right spot. She notices friends’ new hairstyles and gorgeous sunsets before anyone else. She looks for the child struggling to sharpen his pencil or the one who’s off in the corner alone. She hops right up to offer her assistance. That’s probably what I love most about her noticing gift—she doesn’t just notice things, she notices emotion. Her way of life inspired these words: “We are all just waiting for someone to notice—notice our pain, notice our scars, notice our fear, notice our joy, notice our triumphs, notice our courage. And the one who notices is a rare and beautiful gift.

 *My husband matters. He provides me with the grace and love that I freely give others, but often neglect to give myself. His love constantly reminds me of the beauty inside me.  I am certain that his love has added an extra ten years to my life.

*Writing matters. My second-grade teacher, Ms. Paluska, led me into the world of writing and it has been home to me ever since. Writing for others is my joy.

*Teaching matters. Before I was a mom, I was a teacher to special education students. I can still remember all their names and wish I could see how each one turned out. I love sharing information in creative and inspiring ways to those who want to receive it.

*Encouraging others matters, probably because so many people have encouraged me in my life. I remember the name of every person who encouraged me to publish my works so that as many people as possible could read my words.

*Recognizing angels matters. I strive to notice the angels that come into my life when I need them, and then later telling them about it. Every single day, I want to be somebody’s angel.

*Faith matters. I have faith that there is plan for my life. In this case, I believe that God chose me to have a revelation about how I want to spend my days here on this earth. And it is because of my faith that I understand why God chose me. I was chosen to tell this story because of what really matters to me. Being a mother, a wife, a writer, a teacher, and an encourager has prepared me to show others how to let go of their own daily distractions and grasp what really matters. Maybe through this blog, I can even become somebody’s angel.

Which brings me to my last and most recent item that really matters to me . . .

  • Being Hands Free matters.  Before, I was holding on to the wrong things and missing out on life. Finally, I am holding on to what matters, and it has given my life new meaning. Come on and join me; grasp what really matters to you and then start living.

Rachel’s book LIVE LOVE NOW:

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