Places to submit

The Blotter wants yer pieces. Now!

The BlotterThe Blotter wants yer pieces. Now!

Send “short prose (stories and nonacademic essays), Poetry, Photojournalism/-essay, Journalism and monthly columns that go beyond or beneath the pabulum you’re expected to enjoy, Comix, and Fine art that would reproduce well on newsprint. We’d like you to try to send stuff that is somehow resonant with what we have already published, but frankly, sometimes you know better than we do what we want. We do endeavor to be apolitical — bear that in mind.”

Marlene’s Musings; It sounds like The Blotter is ready and waiting for YOUR writing. If you have something ready to go . . . send now. If you don’t . . . whatcha waitin’ for?

I’ll be posting literary journals as places to submit for the next few posts. So get your work lined up and get ready to submit.

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