The Way Through

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The Way Through

By Rebecca Olivia Jones

Fears change over the years

Never being good enough

The youthful drive for perfection


The impossible


Competition and proving myself

The best daughter

The best dancer

The best singer

The best at all attempts


Not possible


Time has mellowed anxieties into a soft pillow of joy

Fear now is the walk toward unknowing

A loss of self

The fading memories of life’s struggles


I witnessed Mother’s decline into helplessness

The night wanderings

The frightening hallucinations

Her ultimate vanishing


Will I vanish, too?


The slow breaking of synapses

Unable to make decisions

Thoughts like ghosts

The fear of losing control over choices

Existing in a continuum of uselessness


I also watched my father’s vanishing

But he held on

Giving until his music stopped


Perhaps, the only way through the fear is beyond thought

Beyond the unknowable

Accept what was

Hold faith in life as it is

Trust loved ones living


And love the ones who have vanished


Rebecca Olivia Jones is a playwright, singer, dancer, composer, choreographer, director, and always a poet. In 2021, Rebecca collected her poetry and lyrics, accompanied by beautiful photography into a memoir, Beachsight, available on

Rebecca has a B.A. in Creative Writing from New College of California. She is also a mother, grandmother, sister, and a seeker. She lives in San Rafael, California with her long-time boyfriend and their cat.

Rebecca teaches singing lessons via zoom; enjoys hiking, gardening, cooking, reading, and writing.

She is an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association.

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