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Use your writing to heal.

bookshawlUse the difficulties in your life and represent them in your writing.  Describe the difficulties as if writing a scene in a novel. Look at your situation from a different point of view – from that of a character in a story.

Take A Break

When your writing becomes too difficult, stop. Take a break. Take a walk. Treat yourself to a glass of iced tea or hot apple cider. Wash your hands with special scented soap. Do something physical to relax your mind.

Use a focal point as a reminder to relax and breathe deeply. A focal point is anything you like to look at: in your home, your writing environment, or outside.

Have A Plan

Have a plan for when you are feeling overwhelmed and need relief from emotional tension while you are writing.

Prepare a healthy snack before you begin to write. When the writing gets difficult, take a few minutes to nurture yourself, whether it’s food, or a visual treat – look at a pleasant picture or a memento that has good memories for you, or being physical  – Go for a walk, a run, move around.


This type of self -care can be very empowering and gives you some control in your present situation where you didn’t have control in a past experience.

Use your writing to heal, being careful to not re-traumatize yourself.  This way, you can benefit from the healing potential of telling your story.

Practice writing about your past without it overwhelming you.

“If we write about our pain, we heal gradually, instead of feeling powerless and confused, and we move to a position of wisdom and power.” — Writing As A Way of Healing by Louise DeSalvo 

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