Wants In a World of Plenty

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Wants In a World of Plenty

By DSBriggs

I just want to…


Laugh aloud.

Stay Alive.

Keep learning.

Keep mobile.

Keep learning to let go.

Keep loving.


I just want to…


Shout at the Government.

Shout at prejudice.

Shout at stupidity.

Shout at injustice.

Shout at the mess.


I just want to…


See Children playing.

Hear laughing.

Taste warm bread.

Smell fresh rain in the forest.

Touch my dog’s velvety ears.


I just want to …


Accept the pain that comes with death of loved ones.

Accept that I do the best I know how.

Accept help graciously as I age.

Accept that my way is only one way of many.

Accept forgiveness. 

Accept that some things are unforgivable.


I just want to:


Continue to write,

and be a committed listener.

Appreciate where I have been,

and accept that this is where I am now.


Okay! Okay! 


I also want to…


Conquer dust and dog hair.

Finish some projects.

Sort my mountains of paper.

Laugh daily at something funny.

Irony is okay.

DSBriggs is a retired educator. She has lived in Northern California most of her life.

She still loves to write and has been honored to be published in The Write Spot Collections: “The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Discoveries,” The Write Spot: Possibilities,” and “The Write Spot: Writing as a Path to Healing. Available in print and as ereaders at Amazon.

Mostly she likes to write about her dog and life in the past century.

Donna has recently added to her want list: more travel and a pen that doesn’t skip.

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