What happened, from your point of view. . . Prompt #36

Today’s writing prompt was inspired from the January 2003 issue of The Writer magazine, ”On Writing Personal Essays,” by Barbra Abercrombie.

Make a list of issues and experiences, important and trivial in your life right now.

What frustrated you in the past month?

What made you laugh or cry?

What made you lose your temper?

What was the worst thing that happened?

The best?

The most disturbing and weird?

Write:  Choose one thing from your list and write about it. Write whatever comes to mind. Write what you would really like to say to the other people involved.

Write what happened from your point of view.

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  1. jwerner

    I never told anyone – the secret
    that’s clawing at my insides, waiting to get out – and that’s only the beginning.

    “This might be your only chance” they say…
    but I say “bite your tongue, taste the blood, hold it in a little tighter.”

    Will it devour me – this secret?
    Will it scrape my insides clean, or penetrate through my rib cage and escape?

    This is a part of me I can’t protect.
    It makes me vulnerable –
    It makes me scream without speaking.

    This secret gnaws at my flesh,
    grinds down the bone,
    but I push it back…

    black it out
    blot it out
    scratch it out
    scrape it out

    until I am left with the echo of hollowness,
    the rusted roots of a tree
    begging for water – for life.

    Why can’t I let go of it,
    let it hang in the air and be carried away
    like music notes on wind’s breath?

    I crave a space that’s mine,
    to find myself again.
    I must cradle life’s face in my hands,
    and tell it – I love it still,
    despite the veil of darkness
    that shrouds this earth.

    The pain that is too great to bare alone.

    What if I could look past all this –
    see that it creates fear
    and loathing of self…

    But who would I be without it?
    What would I become?
    A stranger – something foreign…

    And then the realization…
    my confession – this is it!

    I have fallen out of love – with myself.

    1. jwerner

      By: Jocelyn Werner

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