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What Have We Here by Susan Bono

What Have We Here by Susan Bono

Bono.What Have We HereReview by Pat Tyler:

Last night I went to bed thinking I’d read a story or two from What Have We Here by Susan before I went to sleep. Next thing I knew it was about 1:00 a.m. In my world, that’s late! Today, you’ll find this impressive little anthology in my purse or in my car — knowing its plethora of delightful stories will engage and entertain me as I indulge in a cup of Starbucks or wait impatiently to be seen by my family doctor. These beautifully crafted essays will make you chuckle or bring a tear to your eye. More importantly they will remind you of home and family —either the one you had — or the one you always wished for.

Pat Tyler is still alive and writing in Cotati.

 Review by Carol Hoorn:

What we have here is a symphony of words, orchestrated with finesse and stunning beauty, striking chords that resonate through my being. I took one step forward to embrace this book and found an essay near the end,  where Susan describes in ecstatic detail how she took one step forward at Point  Reyes to catch and embrace a floating feather from an owl.

I realized then that every essay in this beautiful book, each word seemed chosen like the notes in Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, to fill the mind with ethereal beauty and lightness of being.

Ms. Bono has shown that she can write of mundane moments  with humor, and great losses  with grace and dignity. These essays are to be read, re-read and shared.

Carol Hoorn, author of numerous poems and short stories for  Redwood  Writers Anthology, (current 2014) Essay for The Petaluma Post, Poems for Tom Cat Journal, and enjoys participating in monthly poetry readings at Aqus Café in Petaluma, Ca.

Review by Marlene Cullen:

What Have We Here by Susan Bono is comfort food for the soul. A compilation of her best essays, I savored this book, enjoying small samples each night, like saving pumpkin pie. . . enjoying small slivers to make it last longer. Her writing is so eloquent, she could make any best-selling author green with envy. Thank you, Susan Bono, for the gift of What Have We Here. And now, I get to read it again! What Have We Here is a wonderful hostess gift, birthday present, bridal shower gift, Christmas present, any excuse gift. The recipient will thank you over and over. A treat, a treasure, like spa day, What Have We Here is a delight.

~ Marlene Cullen loves gorgeous writing and is delighted to find great books, like Susan’s, to enjoy and enjoy again.

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  1. Kathy Myers

    Wow.. three great reviews for Susan’s book. I can’t wait to buy a copy at her event next week. I can’t imagine eating pumpkin pie in slivers, but that’s a great analogy for making something delicious last longer. Oh hell… damn you Marlene… now you’ve got me thinking about pumpkin pie topped with a sweet slather of Susan Bono’s delicious essays. Maybe the bookstore and pie shop are still open… gotta go!

    1. mcullen Post author

      I love your comments, Kathy. And yes. . . slivers! With gobs of whipped cream! 🙂

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