What is your body telling you? Prompt #123

For today’s writing . . . sit comfortably. Take a deep breath in. Let it out. Another deep, refreshing breath in. Release. One more big, nourishing breath. Let it whoosh out.

Mentally scan your body. Become aware of any area that draws your attention – notice what part of your body calls out to you.

HandPlace the palm of your writing hand on the place that calls out. Or bring your breath there if it’s not reachable with your hand.

Allow your hand to be filled with the information from that place.

When you are ready, write about what you have discovered. Or just write about whatever is on your mind.

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  1. wrdpntr


    Each day she practices for hours
    how to bend her body into origami folds
    how to pack it small, tight as a walnut
    turned in upon itself. Perhaps
    she could disappear
    until the sonogram loomed
    its shadow huge on the ochre wall. The
    black and white image swirls into view—
    a cheshire cat, perhaps a pygmy ghost. She
    can feel the miniature pulse in her belly
    hear the bitter nurse lipsync “anxiety reaction”
    before two hearts pounding as one
    the embryo’s demand
    its tread inside her body
    the outline of shared entwinement.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Lovely. . . . “shared entwinement” . . . wow!

  2. Karen Reid

    This is strictly tongue in cheek today so you don’t have to post it, but when I saw your question asking what my body is trying to tell me, the only thing that comes to mind as I cruise around in my powerchair is how desperately I need a new one! 🙂

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