What, why, how . . . freewrites

What is a freewrite?  Why should you do it? How is it done?

A “freewrite” is “free association” for a quick style of writing. It’s a way of writing freely with no worries about the end product.

It’s meant to be spontaneous, with no “real” thinking involved. Just write thoughts as quickly as they  form.

No editing is involved while writing because editing means “thinking” and thinking means censoring.

Censoring and editing while writing can inhibit the freedom experienced while writing without worries about the outcome.

A freewrite is getting your thoughts written, accept whatever they are, and however they manifest.

This writing can be a catalyst for further writing and can later be revised, edited, and polished.

Choose an idea, set a timer, write for that amount of time. Topics can be whatever is on your mind or select a writing prompt on The Write Spot Blog.

How to improve your writing

Keep writing, using prompts as inspiration. Think of this as “practice” writing. Just like a baseball player didn’t walk up to home plate one day and hit a homerun . . . it took lots of practice. It can take a lot of practice to get to a deep level of writing.

Once you get into the rhythm of this type of free writing, you will be able to access that part of you that wants to express your deep, inner thoughts. It comes with time, practice, and patience.

There are over 300 writing prompts on The Write Spot Blog. Choose one and Just Write.

What participants say about The Write Spot Blog:

“I’ve been going way back through your blog. I encourage anyone interested in writing to revisit so many posts that offer help and encouragement. I cannot thank you enough for all the links, advice, and beautiful writings. The Write Spot Blog is a writing gold mine of information, help and encouragement.” —Kelly

“It means so much to me that there is a place called The Write Spot. Marlene, your level of integrity and thoroughness that is involved in this website is amazing. Your unique sense of heart and level of professionalism is really quite something.  All I can say is big Thank YOU!”  —Christina

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