Winter Solstice 2020

Winter Solstice 2020

By M.A. Dooley

To re-build beauty we split the wood

Don’t split the hairs, it does no good


To build more beauty, we light the flame

The kindling catches, we say the names


Of those we love who went beyond

They shaped our lives, they’re never gone


Reflection first, then put it away

Forgive, don’t forget, make up one day


Let go the work, the world of greed

The rules of day, the ego needs


Gathered in darkness wait for the light

Beauty glows on faces this fire lit night


The circle round holds hearts and dreams,

Tears fall for loves no longer seen


The year was wrought with judging and pain

Hindsight 2020 the last refrain


Awake on the longest night, the fire

Releases suffering and unmet desires


This invocation is for you,

You represent your sisters too


For mothers, daughters we hold you dear

For fathers, sons not shaped by fear


We stand for sacredness of life, for living

The year’s behind us without misgiving

We stand together and hold our place
Embrace salvation of the human race
We are so close to being one
Let’s end this year with love and fun.

M.A. Dooley is a fourth generation Californian who spent her childhood in the Santa Cruz Mountains. M.A. Dooley is an architect in partnership with her husband. They have three sons. Among a multitude of athletic interests, she loves to ski and dance. Her work has been published in Sunset, Trends, San Francisco Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Press Democrat, and in Poems of a Modern Day Architect published by ARCHHIVE BOOKS, 2020.

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