Winter Solstice 2021

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Winter Solstice 2021

By M.A. Dooley

This blessed day when the light returns,

I stand on the mountain of my home 

Grounded at 7:59 AM and look up. 

The round moon wanes floating over 

Saucer clouds docked in the west. 

A soft haze hangs between me and my Shire,

Layered hillocks of veiled emerald, 

Taste wet and lush as if the drought is over. 

The sun rises behind a filter of grey

Cotton balls connected at fluffy centers like 

Fat caterpillars in the sky. 

When the time rings for a celestial split, 

A tear in the cotton,

A thin sliver of blue blinks open 

And the sun sears my eyes 

Carving the womb of awakening.

I am the field of green softened by one ray,

I am the strong back of the moon, 

Light as the wind that whips my tassels

Reverent as a child witnessing a miracle

I welcome life and light this Solstice sunrise.

M.A. Dooley is an architect and writer from the Santa Cruz Mountains, Sonoma County, and the Sierra Nevadas. Dooley has been published in “The Write Spot: Musings and Ravings in a Pandemic Year” and in “Poems of a Modern Day Architect,” Archhive Books, 2020.

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