Write hot. Revise Cool.

“As Ray Bradbury says, don’t rewrite—relive. Your fiction is about creating emotion in the reader, and you can’t do that well without feeling it yourself.” —”The Geyser Approach To Revision,” James Scott Bell, July/August 2011 Writer’s Digest

Note from Marlene: This is true for memoir writing also.

“You’ve finished your first draft . . . You’ve written hot. Now you’re ready to revise cool with the help of creative spurts.

. . . wait at least two weeks before you do a first read-through of a draft. Then, go through it as fast as possible, as if you were a reader, resisting the urge to tweak anything just yet.”

Good advice for those who can do this. This isn’t my style, but it might be yours.

I do agree with waiting to revise. Let go of the attachment to your writing, your beautiful writing. Keep your darlings in a separate file if they can’t be used in the writing you are revising. They might be perfect passages for another piece of writing.

Write hot. Revise cool.

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